This Week’s Homework

Homework Summer 2 Wk 6 PDF

For this week’s homework, you will be writing a letter to a child at Heavers Farm, telling them about what you have most enjoyed about this year. These letters will actually be sent, so bear that in mind as you are writing, take your time and make sure you try your hardest!

Click above to download the homework sheet and a letter template in case you need/would like one.


See you on Monday,


Miss Segal 🙂


This Week’s Homework

Your homework this week is to write a letter to your new teacher next year, Mr Waters, telling him all about yourself. Remember to show off your best writing!

Think about including the following information:
– Who you are and how old you are
– What you like the most about school
– What you don’t like about school
– What was your favourite thing about Year 4?
– What you’re looking forward to in Year 5
– Who do you live with, do you have brothers and sisters?
– What do you like doing, what are your hobbies?
– What “something new” would you like to try?
– What are you going to be doing over the summer holidays?
– Ask him some questions you would like to know the answers to!
– Anything else you want to include! You could draw a picture!

Our Treat Day

So, once again, 4S have filled their pebble reward jar!
We will be having our ‘Treat Day’ on Tuesday 8th July.
The children voted to have a picnic, so they will have lunch as usual and then have snack-y things in the afternoon outside.

It might be nice if everyone brought something small, although I will also be providing things. Things you could bring:
– Biscuits
– Cake
– Crisps
– Fruit
– Carrot/cucumber sticks
– Juice (no fizzy drinks, please)


The children can also come in in mufti for free!

It should be a lovely day 🙂

Miss Segal

Summer 2 Wk 4

Your homework this week is to write a diary as though you are Hassan from The Colour of Home.

Here is a brief summary of the story to remind you. Your diary should be more writing than this summary below!!! It should take you at least 30 minutes and it should be detailed and emotive – not just a list of events!!

Below is a summary of the story in case you have forgotten any of the events:

He is new to the school as he has just arrived from Somalia and he doesn’t speak any English. He is sad and nervous. He doesn’t like England because it is cold and damp and grey. He feels as though they left all the colour behind in Somalia.

When he arrives, everyone is painting pictures of their homes. Hassan paints a beautiful, colourful picture of his white house and all his family. There is a lovely bright blue sky, the sun is shining and his cat Musa is in the picture.

But then he uses red and brown and orange to paint flames and darkness over the top. He smudges out the painting of his uncle. His new teacher is sad that he has spoilt his lovely painting.

Hassan does not want to show his mother the painting at the end of the day and he pretends it is still wet. The next day, Hassan is introduced to Fela – a Somali translator. She helps him to explain his picture. He tells Fela and Miss Kelly about the war in Somalia and how his uncle was shot by soldiers.

Everyone is sad to hear Hassan’s story, so they try to help him feel more at home. He paints a new picture of his home and makes it colourful and pretty. Hassan’s mum puts the picture on the wall at home to remind them of Somalia.

Hello everyone,

Apologies for the late upload, as you may have heard, 4H & 4S have moved into one large classroom over the last 24 hours so that both our old classrooms can be refurbished, so we are a little disheveled!!

The attached resources for homework (see the links below) differ from the printed sheets that children brought home – a problem with the server means I can’t access the original sheet from home I’m afraid.

Feel free to complete either the printed version or use the resources attached (or alternatively, you could even collect your own data!!)

Your task is to present some World Cup football data of your choice in THREE DIFFERENT ways.

You could choose from: Pictogram, Venn diagram, Carroll diagram, Bar graph, Line graph, Pie chart…

Remember to use a ruler, shade in your graphs and charts neatly and label your axes.

Have lovely weekends,

Miss Segal

P.s. (You can collect more plain or squared paper from the classroom on Monday if you need it)




This Week’s Homework

Next week we will be beginning a two week unit for Literacy about stories with issues and dilemmas.

The book we will be focusing on is about migration and diversity and this week’s homework is for children to collect items that remind them of home and bring them in to share with the class.

Children might want to bring in photos, objects, music, food, flags, and more from the country they (or their families) are originally from. This could be from any country, from the UK to India!

Please make sure items come into school in a suitable bag or box and that items are labelled with the children’s names. Please take careful consideration over any items of significant value or sentimentality – perhaps photos of very special items would be more advisable than bringing them in.

I really look forward to seeing what reminds you all of home!

Miss Segal 🙂