4S are taking part in Secret Santa this Christmas!


We will all choose a secret name from a basket and not tell anyone who we have chosen!

We need to bring in a gift (either home made or no more than £2) on Monday 16th December so that we can give them out on Thursday 19th December.

The rules are:
* All gifts must be homemade or cost no more than £2
* All gifts must be wrapped
* All gifts much have a name label so we know who the present is for!

We would like to receive things like:
~ a book
~ a bouncy ball
~ a chocolate bar
~ some sweets
~ a Kinder Egg
~ a lovely picture
~ a poster
~ a song
~ a paper aeroplane
~ glitter pens
~ jewellery
~ Lego
~ a yoyo
~ a board game (bought or home made)
~ a tennis game
~ a homemade cake or biscuit
~ a homemade hat
~ you could even buy them a merit!! ;)

If you would prefer your child not to take part, then let me know ASAP.

Miss Segal



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