Summer 2 Wk 4

Summer 2 Wk 4

Your homework this week is to write a diary as though you are Hassan from The Colour of Home.

Here is a brief summary of the story to remind you. Your diary should be more writing than this summary below!!! It should take you at least 30 minutes and it should be detailed and emotive – not just a list of events!!

Below is a summary of the story in case you have forgotten any of the events:

He is new to the school as he has just arrived from Somalia and he doesn’t speak any English. He is sad and nervous. He doesn’t like England because it is cold and damp and grey. He feels as though they left all the colour behind in Somalia.

When he arrives, everyone is painting pictures of their homes. Hassan paints a beautiful, colourful picture of his white house and all his family. There is a lovely bright blue sky, the sun is shining and his cat Musa is in the picture.

But then he uses red and brown and orange to paint flames and darkness over the top. He smudges out the painting of his uncle. His new teacher is sad that he has spoilt his lovely painting.

Hassan does not want to show his mother the painting at the end of the day and he pretends it is still wet. The next day, Hassan is introduced to Fela – a Somali translator. She helps him to explain his picture. He tells Fela and Miss Kelly about the war in Somalia and how his uncle was shot by soldiers.

Everyone is sad to hear Hassan’s story, so they try to help him feel more at home. He paints a new picture of his home and makes it colourful and pretty. Hassan’s mum puts the picture on the wall at home to remind them of Somalia.



  1. Miss Segal what day is our treat day?Because I don’t want to come in in mufty on the wrong day because it will be incredibly embarrassing,so if you could tell me that would be amazing.

    Thank you,Alfie

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